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Constelación: Aries (21/03 – 19/04)

Coordinates: RA 03h21m13.763 +14°21'35.18'' dec 13.23 mag

Star Name: Pack online VIP

Stellar information
  • ✶ Constellation: Aries (21/03 – 19/04)
  • ✶ Coordinates: RA 03h21m13.763 +14°21’35.18” dec 13.23 mag
  • ✶ Star name: Charlie’s
  • ✶ Who receives the gift: Charlie
  • ✶ Who makes the gift: His family
  • ✶ Date of ocassion: 01/11/2022

Happy birthday!! We love you <3

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  • Order number: #A72948
  • Registration date: 15/04/2022
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Facts and curiosities

✶ Coordinates of your star

  • RA is short for Right Ascension while Dec is short for declension. They are similar to latitude and longitude used in modern cartography, only they apply specifically to astronomical coordinates.
  • Mag is the abbreviation of magnitude, that is, the luminosity of the star in question. The limit of luminosity of the stars that can be seen with the naked eye is of a magnitude of 6.5. With binoculars, humans can view stars with a maximum magnitude of 10. To view stars with higher magnitudes, the use of a telescope is recommended.
  • Cen, in this case, it is short for Centaurus, one of the 88 constellations found in the sky. If you know the constellation of your star, you will be able to locate it more easily.

✶ Curiosities of the stars

  • Have you ever wondered what constellation belongs the earth? The answer is: none! The constellations are imaginary figures originated in the observation of the night sky from the perspective of the Earth. The Earth, by that very definition, is outside any constellation because it is “the viewpoint” from which the constellations are observed.
  • The color of the stars It depends on its temperature: the hottest ones glow greenish-white and blue, the temperate ones yellow, and the cooler ones red.
  • The life time of the stars It depends on the size, the amount of fuel they have and the speed at which they are consuming it. A blue giant has a lot of hydrogen to fuse, but it fuses it so quickly that it will barely live a few million years. However, a star like our sun, which has already been burning for 4.5 billion years, has as many years ahead of it, before it becomes a red giant.

✶ Augmented reality (AR)

  • Do you know that now you can see your star in Augmented Reality as if it were right in front of you? To do this, you will only need to visit your star’s page from a mobile device that supports this technology (almost all devices from 2018 onwards).
  • You will see a small button that says “AR” in the section “Your star in 3D!”. By clicking on that button, you will see the environment in which you are from the camera of your mobile and you will be able to place your star right in front of it. In addition, you can control the size or rotation. Just magic!