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Do you need to enhance your brand with an original idea?


We can help you create a unique product in the world and totally personalised. A space in the sky to celebrate the anniversary of your brand, the launch of a service or the commemoration of a milestone in your company.

Buy a Star as a business gift | Business & Enterprises
Create a constellation for your company/brand or register several stars at a reduced price.

Customise your corporate environment

If you are looking to create the perfect business gift or the most original campaign that can exist, you are at the right time and place. We explain what we can offer you to create something really magical, like from another planet!

Exclusive page of the project where the logos, images, texts and colours you want will be displayed. A 100% personalised and customised page to explain your own corporate universe.

Planetarium of your project (with the name, logo, text and desired colours) where the image of the constellation of your brand and the personalised stars that will be displayed.

We will create customised documentation (Registration Certificate, Personal Dedication and Data of your constellation) for your stars with the branding of the product or brand.

Success story of the movie Lightyear

This last year we have done several wonderful projects with other companies. One such success story has been the Lightyear premiere campaign. We collaborated with Disney-Pixar for the national premiere of the film, and for this we developed their own planetarium in app format, we created the Lightyear constellation and registered 104 stars. In addition, the campaign crossed the digital world and ended up sneaking into bus shelters and even in the digital press.


Do you want to see some examples of how it turned out? We leave you some images.

Inexpensive batch prices

Do you want to register a large number of stars for clients or employees? We offer 100% flexible prices.

To choose: physical or digital?

We offer a purely digital option and another combined with the physical product, whatever you need!

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Projects in record time

It is possible that your project requires very tight deadlines. Don’t worry, we are very fast!